Wellmeadow Road


W7 London

Planning Approved

The client at Wellmeadow Rd wanted to convert his garage, currently being used as storage, into a space that could be flexibly used as his office, guest house and family garden room.  

Inspiration was drawn from the wisteria trellis growing in the garden and the potential that this had during the blooming months.  Externally the hut incorporates a canopy that aligns with the existing wisteria stand which will allow the wisteria to be trained along the front of the hut.  Along the street facade the hut also picks up with and aligns with elements in the facade of the main house.

The space was delineated into two areas, one set back from the other, one for more quiet work/ sleeping, and the other that opens onto the garden and can be used by all the members of the family.  In order to reduce costs, efforts have been made to retain as many existing walls as possible and a service zone has been created at the back of the rooms which can potentially house WC and shower, kitchen and storage.